The secret of bubbles

For many years I dreamt of the perfect bubble bath; one with heaps and heaps of fragrant soapy bubbles. You know, like in Pretty Woman.

The thing was, I could never get the tub full of bubbles.

I tried everything… different bubble baths applied in varying amounts at different times. In the stream of water, before the stream of water, after the stream of water.

But nothing worked. I always ended up with a thin layer of bubbles covering part of the water’s surface, nothing like the foamy mounds of bliss that I longed for.

It was a constant source of frustration. I started to believe that a bubble bath was an urban myth, like the comfortable high heel or the cute wrap dress.


Several years ago as part of the NEVERENDING remodel project, we ripped our bathroom down to the studs and rebuilt it. Part of this project was the installation of a jacuzzi tub (insert moan of anticipated pleasure here).

The first time I drew a bath in my fancy new bathtub I was amazed and delighted to find that I had discovered the SECRET of bubbles.

Jets. Just a teeny bit o’ bubble bath added to 6 pounding jets of water and VOILA! you have more bubbles than you know what to do with!

Several years have gone by and the bubble bath (and jets) have lost their allure. Although it sounds endlessly relaxing, the honest truth is that I really don’t enjoy having hard jets of water pounding into my backside and thighs. My neck gets a massive kink from lying at an odd angle, and the water never comes quite high enough for a true soak. Not to mention the temperature, which inevitably is either not quite hot enough or too hot, making me feel like a cooked goose.

Ah, the trials of my life.

The jacuzzi function of our tub is now solely used by our dear son, who delights in the enormous amounts of bubbles that can he can create just by leaving the jets on for ten or twenty minutes.

Like last night, when I walked in to check on him and discovered THIS:

I guess what they say is true.

Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

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  1. Oh hilarious!! Our kids like jet bubbles too. I posted a few months back about Shark Boy using HALF my new bottle of Victoria’s Secret bubbles in one bath.


    Amy @ Milk Breath & Margaritass last blog post..Lost Treasures

  2. Now that’s some serious bubbles! I’m thinking there will be bubble rationing in his future!

    Jills last blog post..I’m not worthy

  3. So that’s the secret! I’ve been trying my whole life to get a bath full of bubbles. It looks like you need a BIG jacuzzi tub, though. A giant tub with jets. Now that I know, I feel a bubble bath is in my near future (now just to find someone with a giant jacuzzi tub).

    Your son’s bath looks awesome.

    Mamaspheres last blog post..Twitter Me Cool For Once

  4. LOL good story, tough break for your bathroom though….

  5. That’s so awesome! He looks a little overwhelmed, though.

    Hillary – The Queen I Am Nots last blog post..What’s in a Name?

  6. Those bubbles can definitely get overwhelming fast with those jets!

    Domestic Spazs last blog post..Fay Shmay & a some Bloggy Love

  7. Holy geez that’s a lot of bubbles! That would’ve been a good time to get the kids to help clean the bathroom lol. With bubbles.

    Ashleys last blog post..Looking back, looking forward

  8. OMG! I also longed for that type of bubble power, but now that I see it in action, I’m changing my mind!

    Bethanys last blog post..Aww, how sweet…. you made… aaahhhh…. dinner?

  9. so, you CAN have too many bubbles? hm.

    Wendys last blog post..confession time, again….now, the Summer Olympics in Beijing

  10. I admit, I did the same thing as CJ when we got a jetted tub. I didn’t know it would expand the bubbles like crazy!

    Loris last blog post..Four kids will change you

  11. Oh my god! My chin just hit the floor. Holy snap (taken from one of my favorite 5 year olds), that’s a lot of bubbles!

  12. The same thing happened last week in our house when Katie dumped HALF THE BOTTLE of bubble bath in the tub!

    Wow, that was a lot of bubbles!

    Carries last blog post..Hey Nineteen

  13. Thanks for the bathtub advice!

    I have never had a bathtub big enough to have all of me covered with WATER, let alone bubbles.

    I guess whenever we get around to remodeling I will skip the jets and go for a huge garden tub. Especially since it seems bubbles may be overrated (though my two-year-old would probably disagree!).

    Honey Mommys last blog post..I Have not Lost My Mind OR my Keys!

  14. That was a great picture!
    I would love to have a jacuzzi tub. I stayed in a hotel once that had one and have been pining ever since.

    Dumblonds last blog post..Marriage in Real Life

  15. Nice bubbles!

    Carries last blog post..Riding the bus

  16. I LOVE THAT PICTURE! Too funny!

    Damsels last blog post..Updates

  17. That is disturbingly like what happened when my kid added Palmolive to our dishwasher.

    Loralees last blog post..WHOOPS! I hate it when that happens!!

  18. Wow! Those truly are amazing bubbles! I love that you took a picture and captured that moment. I WANT a jetted tub in my bathroom someday!

    Ashleys last blog post..My Random Thoughts About The Olympics

  19. WOW! I never knew!

    Poor CJ looks a little worn out from his bubble-mania. :)

    Stacy (mama-om)s last blog post..Balancing a Blog on Your Nose While Standing on One Foot

  20. Our house has a jacuzzi tub, when we bought it we thought it would be great. Oooh the relaxation, ooh the luxury, oooh, holy crap the noise, the unrelenting, bone rattling noise. I think I used it twice in the past 3 years. Obviously the guy who owned our house before us didn’t get the top of the line, or maybe they just are all that loud, but it never got used. Until the boys discovered it. The bubbles were a GIANT hit, but even more popular are the wild currents for their toys to float on. Jacuzzi jets are for kids. Trained massage therapists are for moms. Or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

  21. Holy crap! You could loose seven or eight kids in that much foam!

  22. that is way too funny! When I started your post I immediately thought of our same experience when we entered a pool of overly bubbled bath water after our jet tub was installed. LOVE the picture. haha

    rachels last blog post..Slightly Freakin.

  23. Oh how luxurious he looks!

    daring ones last blog post..Don’t Hesitate

  24. OMG! How long did it take to clean it up?!

    Annies last blog post..I can be a Good Mother Without Reality TV

  25. That is so awesome. I didn’t realize that jacuzzis would do that until we discovered it accidentally on our honeymoon. We were sitting in the hot tub when we realized the bubbles were getting higher and higher . . . :)

    Erins last blog post..First Daze

  26. I am not witty enough to start it off, but you should have your readers caption this picture!!

    Mrs. Fs last blog post..Oh Dude, No Way. Me? Me?

  27. Hee hee, I shouldn’t laugh, but, hee hee.

    Jo Beaufoixs last blog post..Don’t touch your what?

  28. OH MY! but hey, it does look like fun though but a bear to have to clean up.

    Jakkis last blog post..

  29. Awesome! Looks like a bubble party in Cancun. :-)

  30. Just so you know, the bubbles are much harder to maintain if you have hard water. Our bubble capacity increased thousandfold when we installed the water softener.

    Chelseas last blog post..In Praise of Minor League Baseball

  31. so, is it true what “they” say? That you’re not supposed to turn on the jets in a jacuzzi when you have soap or it’ll ruin the jets mechanisms? Have you had any problems with your jacuzzi jets due to excessive bubble overload. HAHAHAH! By the way, I ALWAYS put bubble bath in jacuzzi tubs whenever we had a really cool hotel/B&B room with a jacuzzi. One of those rare opportunities of which I took full advantage.

    Dollys last blog post..One or the Other

  32. OMG you win for making me laugh! That was awesome. Truly AWESOME! Laughter has been a very rare sound, coming from me, lately, and that photo and the preceeding tale are just too much!

    I’m now rethinking a jetted tub when the bathroom remodeler comes next week to give us a quote. *lol*

    Auds at Barking Mads last blog post..Coming Up for Air