When I’m a grown-up (by CJ)

We’re driving to the zoo; me humming along to the radio, CJ gazing thoughtfully out the window.

CJ: Mommy, when I’m a grown-up, I will NEVER have to go to school. Right?

Me: Right, CJ.

CJ: I will go to work on the bus and then come home and have dinner. Just like daddy. Right, mommy?

Me: Yeah, probably.

CJ: And I’ll have kids too. And a motorcycle that’s red with FLAMES on it. That’ll be cool.

Me: Mm hmm.

CJ: And I can go to Target whenever I want. I can even stay there ALL DAY. And I’ll take the kids.


CJ: And I’ll tell the kids that they can’t get a toy.

Me: You mean your kids? You’ll take your kids to Target? And you won’t let them get a toy?

CJ: Yep.

Me: How many kids are you going to have, CJ?

CJ: (counting on his fingers) I will have 1, 2, 3, 4… 9, 10… I will have TEN girls.

Me: Wow. Ten girls. That’s a lot. What about boys? Will you have boys too?

CJ: Yes! I will have 1, 2, 3, 4… 12, 13, 14… I will have FOURTEEN boys.

Me: Ten girls and FOURTEEN boys?! That’s a lot of kids! You know, they won’t all fit on your motorcycle.

CJ: I know that mommy. That’s why I’ll have a van.


CJ: But where will I get the kids, mommy?

Me: Well, you’ll have to get married. And then your wife will have babies. And the babies will grow into kids.

CJ: (giggles) That’s funny, mom.

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  1. He’ll find it funnier when he’s older and you tell him that he wanted 24 kids!!

    That poor wife to be!

  2. HOW the babies come… Details. It’s what gets all of us in the end.

  3. they’re so precious, aren’t they?

  4. It’s funny to CJ cuz he’s a male! Life is unfair to woman some days.

  5. That is so cute! That’s going to be one huge van to hold 24 kids. Kinda like a clown car, they’ll just keep coming out and just when you think there couldn’t possibly be anymore there are.

  6. Too cute! What a proud grandma you will be, eh??

  7. I was Tagged by a friend and I am passing the Tagging wand to you. Come check out the post at http://allthingscherished.blogspot.com/2008/05/tagged.html.

  8. That is so stinkin cute! Great story :D

  9. Now if he can only find a girl to marry that will go along with the plan…
    I was really hoping you were going into the birds and bees on this one!

  10. he’s so cute.

    but i do feel sorry for his wife. do you know how many years of pregnancy that means? omigod.

  11. My son and his wife started out wanting a dozen kids. Now that they have 3 boys and 1 girl, they’ve reconsidered.

  12. I always seem to get the “Where do babies come from” question when I’m in the car. So I just answer that it is complicated and we’ll have to talk about it when I’m not driving. Luckily, they have short attention spans and forget all about it by the time we get home. One of these days, I’ll actually have to answer the question and I’m not looking forward to it.

  13. Sweet story. Be glad he is still young and innocent and no need yet for “the Talk.”