Giveaway: Kids Klutter Katchers storage bags

5.17.08 Congratulations to Bethany for winning this giveaway! My the organizational forces be with you.

Something I never fully realized about having kids until it was too late is how much STUFF they generate.

Legos, Hotwheels, blocks, puzzle pieces, dinosaurs and tiny action figures… they take up space, fill up corners, and give me something to step on in my bare feet while walking to the bathroom in the dead of night.

I love Kids Klutter Katchers because it’s a smart solution to the age-old problem of too many toys all over everywhere and HOW do you keep these pieces from getting mixed up with THOSE pieces?

These mesh zippered bags are infinitely flexible, keeping little pieces and toys together and organized and off my floor. The mesh fabric is flexible, washable, see-throughable and NOT PLASTIC. What’s not to love?

Check it out:

Before Kids Klutter Katchers

After Kids Klutter Katchers

One lucky readers will win a 15-piece set of Kids Klutter Katcher bags (US only). To enter, leave a comment on this post before Friday, May 16 at midnight (PST) make sure to leave your blog URL or email address so that I can contact you if you win. Link to this giveaway on your blog and leave a second comment with the URL and I’ll enter your name twice.

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  1. Those are really cool! That’s a great idea.

  2. i am so disorganized, cool idea and what a great giveaway!

  3. I NEED THESE !!!

    i have a giveaway going on as well if you want to check it out !!

  4. oh me me me pretty please?

  5. I am the reigning queen of containers and storage items. I am salivating over these bags! Please, please pick me!

  6. Oh, what a neat idea. I curretnly store a bunch of the little pieces in leftover curtain bags. classy, right?

  7. I need these. I REALLY REALLY NEED these.

  8. I would love to have these bags. Hope I get picked.

  9. Oh – those are an awesome idea! I am always trying to find ways to keep me from stepping on Legos and Hot Wheels!!

  10. Looks nice and tidy! I’m obsessed with all things that will help organize.

  11. Wow! Those look awesome. I have a toddler with way to many toys – those look like the perfect solution. Or it will at least save my feet from walking all over legos!!!

  12. Boy, oh boy! Those sure would come in handy around this house! Sign me up!

  13. But will the kids put the dasterdly pieces into the bags??

    I’ll cross my fingers and hope.

  14. Those are so neat! I’ve got two kiddos under the age of five so I could really use these. matt_tricia(atmsndotcom)

  15. Those are GREAT! Sign me up!

    If I don’t win, though, I wonder if using leftover lingerie mesh bags (that I used to use in the washing machine before I finally started hand-washing my delicates) would work, too? What a GREAT inspiration! Thanks!

  16. I would love to upgrade from plastic bags to these mesh bags!

  17. Oh my, these are lovely!

  18. Me likey, likey! Those would be so great for my girls. They are always looking for portable things to stuff with their toys. I might actually get them to put things away with something like that.

  19. I want these! They look awesome!!

  20. I have 5 kids. And lots of clutter. Whether I win or not, I think I will have to incorporate these into my life!

  21. Holy Toledo do I need these! *please, random number generator gods, smile upon me*

  22. sorry, forgot to leave my url

  23. I am in desperate need of something like this. I can’t stand the mess any longer!
    mamikaze at

  24. Those are absolutely fabulous! I have been reading for some time but not posted until now! I very much need those and my birthday is Thursday so I will take that as a good sign for luck in the drawing!

    -Katie in OR

  25. I can’t even tell you how badly I need these!!!

  26. I need them!! but do they come with a training module so the kids actually use them?

  27. I want ‘em!

    We saved the Robeez bags and use those but these would take us to the next level! :)

    Though, what are they made out of?

    And they need labels — big enough to use words and draw pictures of what’s inside. That way the kids can use them.

    I want them! :)


  28. Oh pick me, pick me. I NEED these for my dirty nasty little buggers, oops, did I really just say that? I meant for my darling little angels.

  29. Please, please, please, pretty please! :) Pick me! We’re only just entering the “wee little toy stage” and I tremble in fear.

  30. Excellent idea! I spent hours yesterday dealing with all my son’s junk — I mean, treasures.

  31. I love these and need them so badly! I hope I win!

  32. What a great idea! Thanks!

  33. Those would be perfect for long car rides!

  34. The playroom in the Trenches NEEDS these!

  35. Me me! Oh how we need these!

  36. I definitely need to buy some of these. I hope I win, but I’m thinking that buying 15 more wouldn’t hurt! :)

  37. These could save my feet! I am always stepping on little toys. Good idea, I love that they are not plastic.

  38. Awesome!! After three kids, this might very well save me from losing my mind. :)

  39. Sounds great! :)

  40. OH! I love these!!! Who doesn’t need these!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. What a great idea! Pick me!

  42. OK, I’m game… comment, comment, comment!

  43. Yay for giveaways, especially ones that organize my house!

  44. “You know that I’m going to have to blog this, right?”

    mmwwahahahaha! That’s great!

  45. Even big kids have clutter!

  46. I have never seen anything quite like these. They are so neat. Sign me up!

  47. Eureka! These are great.

  48. We could really use these. Sign me up! :)

  49. My condo is 900 sq feet- I’m going to have to find great organizational ideas soon!

  50. I would love to win these! I’m in desperate need of some type of organizing intervention.

  51. Oh lord, how I could use these!

  52. me me me! pick me!

  53. Oh, my household could certainly use some serious organization like this!

  54. I really need these bags


  55. My son needs these for all his toys!!!


  56. These klutter katchers look great for organizing just about anything. Plus I bet you could use these wash lingerie in!

  57. I’ll take it! It’d really help my messy house :)

  58. Those would definitely help keep all the Polly Pocket shoes and accessories from being sucked up by my vacuum.

  59. What a nifty idea!!
    With legos, cars and puzzle pieces.. not too mention little girl jewelry and doll pieces. I could SOOOo use these!

  60. Can I please win please?

  61. visiting from fussy’s.

    your post there was soo funny and so is your blog here.

    will be back for more!

  62. Oh, please enter me. With two boys, there are so many small cars, little play people, rocks, crumbs, etc…stuff- I need these. Thanks!

  63. I soooo need these! What a great idea!