Make me laugh. Come on, I DARE YOU

I don’t know about YOU, but I need something to look forward to on Monday. Which is why I’m trying out this new CONCEPT called Make Me Laugh Monday.

Please, don’t make it EGG ON MY FACE MONDAY!

Here’s the deal. Write about something funny. It can be an anecdote, a joke, a picture, or a link to something funny… whatever. And this is a NO PRESSURE scenario. If it makes you chuckle, it’s good enough. I don’t mean to create a stressful IS IT FUNNY ENOUGH type situation, if you know what I’m sayin’.

So you write the post. Then come and link it here so that we can all enjoy the funniness.

If you participate, here’s the code to get the fabulous donkey graphic shown above;

And I should think it goes without saying but JUST IN CASE… any links that don’t go to a Make Me Laugh post on your blog will be deleted, promptly.

Here’s my contribution for the week,

Obviously I’m getting a tremendous amount of enjoyment from the automatic slogan generator (see this post immediately if you don’t know what I’m talking about). So why not ONE MORE??


Make Me Laugh Monday Participants

1. Tastes great, less filling (Absolutely Bananas)
2. The Castle Of Horror (Mama Geek)
3. jail time at Office Max
4. It\’s definitely Monday (The Davis Gang)
5. Dear Lord Bless the Scorpions (Milk Breath and Margaritas)
6. Summer
7. Human Tetris (Not the Queen)
8. Did she just…judo-chop me??
9. Rosie
10. Clink
11. zenmomma
12. A scam! (erin)
13. icu bloopers (itsnotaboutthatanyway)

Learn more about Make Me Laugh Monday here.

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  1. THAT is Brilliant and I LOVE this idea. I’m in.

  2. I just saw this, and I actually do have a funny Monday story. I’m not sure if it would qualify, but it made me giggle,as well as others.

    I edited my post to add your button, since I posted before I even realized you were doing this. :)

  3. Is it okay to link to a late Sunday night post? :) (it’s still kinda funny and I forgot this was MML Monday)

  4. That’s funny, I started a very similar carnival just last week called Tickle Me Tuesday. :P

  5. I wrote something funny this morning before I saw this post. Hope it’s ok that I linked to it. Don’t think I’m funny enough to be a regular contributor but I’ll put your button in my sidebar.

  6. I have nothing remotely funny to contribute but to get people laughing on a Monday is a great idea =)

  7. I just found your blog today, and I LOVE IT! You are hysterical — thanks for making me laugh!

    - Caitlin

  8. Great idea Absolutely Bananas, I’ve had a go, took a while to think of something!!!

  9. What a cool idea. I’m in for next week! (The post I have up now is more pathetic than funny.)

  10. Ok I cheated and put up a video…but it’s funny so it counts :)

  11. Love it!! Very funny, just like TBS.

  12. I love this idea, and I’m going to start doing this next week. I already had a very long, very not funny post about going green that had to go up today for a challenge at Sarcastic Mom, so my first donkey-funny post will go up next week. Thanks for this, though, as I’ve had a great time browsing all the other stories!

  13. I love this idea. I blogged my Psychomother shower curtain just for you. :o)

  14. Okay, why can’t I get my Flash Fiction Friday code to work? It must be that blasted Typepad. Or me. Because I suck at coding.


  15. Cool idea, and so welcome on a Monday, any Monday …heck, any day. Thanks.

  16. Very cute idea. I’ll try and shoot for next Monday seeing as how I clearly missed this one.

  17. I just saw this and what’s funny is that I posted some jokes that were sent to me recently by friends….on Monday! I edited my post to include your link because I LOVE this…especially on a Monday!