Blog Award party

I have been remiss in my thank you’s. My mother would be so disappointed. She DID teach me better.


Thank you to Pediascribe and Temporarily me for the I heart your blog award. And a long overdue thank you to Canape, What works for us, Twist & Skewer, and the Zen of Motherhood for the Nice Matters award. To Running with Books for the Inspirational Blogger Award, to Meanwhile… for the Creative Blogger Award, and Like a Star for Rockin’ Girl Blogger award.

I hope hope HOPE I didn’t miss anyone. If I did, I most humbly apologize.

NOW… all these awards got me thinking.

First, there’s a whole lot of really nice people out there reading my blog. But I already knew that.

The thing is, I’m supposed to pass along these awards to other deserving blogs.

BUT rule-breaker extraordinaire and Photoshop junky that I am, I decided to do things a little bit differently.

I decided to create my OWN awards. So… here they come… I hope you like ‘em…



(red carpet)


For blogs you love so much you just want to plant a wet one on ‘em.

I hereby bestow upon…
Arkie Mama, Monkeys and Marbles, Smiling Mom, Blooming Marvelous, Oh, the Joys, Polliwog’s Pond, Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck, Creature Bug, Twist & Skewer, Poot and Cubby, Tulip Mom, Believer in Balance, Here in Idaho, Pediascribe, Good Enough, Like a Star, Up in the Night, I’d rather be blogging, Pinks and Blues Girls, Summer’s Nook, Temporary? Insanity, Magnolia Mama, A bushel and a peck, Mom of 3 girls, And then there were two, Four by 40, Formula Fed and Flexible Parenting, Moving Mama

To bling out your blog with your new award, use this code:
<a href=”” target=”blank” > <img border= “0″ src=”” alt=”For blogs you love so much you just want to plant a wet one on ‘em.”/> </a>

For blogs that rock your world. Hard.

I hereby bestow upon…
Pass the Chocolate, Mrs. Flinger, Slacker Mom, Velveteen Mind, Don’t Take the Repeats, This Full House, and the Pursuit of Happiness, Mother at Large, Assertagirl, Moodswinging Mommy, Problem Girl, Nola Notes, Running with Books, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Adventures in Motherhood, Mommy from the Midwest, It’s a Schmitty Life, Cheeze Whiz and Mustard, Of course its random it’s my brain, My minivan is faster than yours, Because I must blog

To bling out your blog with your new award, use this code:
<a href=”” target=”blank”> <img border=”0″ src=”” alt=”For blogs that rock your world. Hard.”/> </a>

The “This blog is Absolutely Bananas approved” award.
For blogs that meet my rather strict and exacting criteria for fun, fantastic, flippant, fierce, fresh, ferocious, fab, funny, and fantabulous.

I hereby bestow upon…
Jo Beaufoix, Mamma Loves,
The Queen of Shake Shake, Playgroups are No Place for Children, Moosh in Indy, Serendipity Mine, Twas Brillig, Bucolic Scribblings, Don’t Try this at Home, Suburban Oblivion, Meanwhile…, midwesternmommy, The Berry Patch

To bling out your blog with your new award, use this code:
<a href=”” target=”blank”> <img border=“0” src=”” alt=”For blogs that meet the rather strict and exacting criteria for fun, fantastic, flippant, fierce, fresh, ferocious, fab, funny, and fantabulous.”/> </a>

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  1. Ahhh thanks sweetie.

    I’d like to thank my gerbil.

    mwah mwah, drinks after the show dahling.

  2. Oooo forgot to say. How fabulous are you with all the code and cool designs?


  3. Oh how fun!! I’m off to visit the winners!

  4. All right! Thanks for the bling, bananas!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  5. Ooooh, Momma likes – and I sooo love a good donkey butt-kicking – thanks, Sweetie!

  6. You like me, you really like me !

    (hey you knew someone was going to do it right ?)

    I love that you are a rule breaker!
    I’m pretty sure this is the coolest award ever!

    And you kick some pretty big donkey butt yourself there, bananas.

  7. Oooooo, I love it. Will be posting soon :)

  8. I’m all verklempt.

  9. You have a knack for creating cool bloggy buttons … I might have to steal them :) !!

  10. Thanks for the bling! Very fun awards!

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Why am I always laughing when I come in here? I LOVE my big fat kiss award. Love it!

  12. Thank you!! I am in awe of your skilz with the buttons and the linkies and the whatevers! Right back atcha!

  13. I’d like to be here congratulating myself, but as a newbie to blogging world, I’ll consider myself in contention for the next award season.

    I can hope and dream… At least now I have a goal in life.

    Congrats to all the wieners!

  14. I loves me some blog awards! And if I had a choice, I would have chosen the Donkey Butt award! So excited!

  15. Loving the new bling! You rawk!
    I will be sharing the love soon :P

  16. Oh that’s too cool – thanks, I’m lovin’ it! :)

  17. THank you so much!!! MUUUUAH!!

  18. I’m pretty sure there is no better award out there!!

    Smooches dahhhhling. See you at the Vanity Fair party.

  19. I have been practicing my acceptance speech for the Academy Awards since I was about 12…can I try it out now?

    I’d like to thank the Academy, and Jen who makes the best bloggy buttons ever.

    Thanks! Coolest award I ever received!

  20. Oh, I’m so excited….my first award for my new blog!

    Ooooh….so pretty….so shiny!


  21. Awwww, thanks! I love it!

  22. Best awards ever! Those are hilarious. Thanks.

  23. I love it!!! Thank you! This is going to look so snazzy…

  24. you crack me up. Off to read all the blogs you linked too….I don’t have time for all these goodies! ;)

  25. Why thank you!! You are aware then, of my love for all things blog bling?!

  26. An award?! I’m thrilled! Thanks!

  27. Look at you being creative and generous! I’m still struggling with uploading photos! Anyway, thank you so much for the smooch award, right back at you!

  28. Aw, shucks. Big fat wet kiss right back at you!!

  29. Those are some cool Banana awards!

    Thanks so much. I lurve mine!

    (I’m so behind on my thank yous too. Glad to know I’m not alone!)

  30. Thanks! For the award, and the laugh :)

  31. *swoons* what awards! one day I want to collect them all! (what a task! original blog award collecting! weee!)

  32. I heart you! And I love your buttons. You have serious photoshop skillz!

  33. Thanks! You’re so darn good at those buttons, I’m jealous!

  34. I’m feeling pretty cool now. Thanks!

  35. I love them! You are way too cool!

  36. Wow! Thanks! I’ve been a bit behind in visiting folks the past few days so I’m trying to catch up and what a nice surprise! You are soooo talented!

  37. Sweet!! How complimentary!! Gonna add my bling button soon! Thanks.

  38. So good to be home. So cool to be loved. You make such purrrrdy blog bling!

  39. Oh Thank you!!! You are the Photoshop Queen!

  40. reading this post made me laugh. you’re hilarious. rock on!

  41. THANKS! A big fat wet kiss back at you, my fellow Pacific Northwester. Your awards are the best :)

  42. Thankee very much. I’ll have to get my webmaster (husband) to stick that one up there.

  43. Ah, Bananas, thanks so much. And I LOVE the bling–you talented photoshoppin’ machine! I’m sorry I didn’t come here sooner–I’ve been a little behind in my blog reading these days… And I LOVE that you created your own awards–how cool is that. Big, fat kisses right back atcha!

  44. I’m so past flattered I’m speechless. Any idea how hard it is to make a speedy minivan driver speechless?

    Honestly, THANK YOU!!


  45. Aw…. thanks so much for the award! What a great surprise to find my blog on your list; I am very honored. Off to visit some of your other winners now!

  46. I was wondering if you would be willing to loan the code for your awards? There are a number of blogs I visit that I would love to ‘honor’ but I don’t want to steal at the same time!
    Best wishes

  47. Oh yeah, DO feel free to pass on the lovin’ goodness to other deserving recipients!

  48. As you may recall, you were generous enough to loan me your donkey award to share with my pals.

    I was wondering whether you might bestow the same favour with reference to the big fat kiss too?

    Or is that asking too much? [take, take, take....]


  49. Did I say thank you? No?! Mother eff. I could’ve sworn I did. NO? Well, big ol’ donkeybutt-kicking thank you. You’re rockin’ MY world, woman! :-)

  50. WOW! I just saw this! THANKS! It’s my first blog award!

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