How to Photoshop your head onto someone else’s body in 19 easy steps

So you know you want to be Wonder Woman, but you also know that dressing up in some shortie-short-shorts and tall red boots is only going to SCARE AWAY the masses. What’s a girl to do?

No fear, Photoshop to the RESCUE! Simply follow these simple steps to make your way to Wonder Womanly fame and glory.

(Don’t have a secret hankering to be Wonder Woman? No worries, there are ample other reasons to learn how to Photoshop your head onto other people’s bodies!)

What you’ll need:
-Photoshop (for this tutorial, I’ve used version 7.0)
-Pictures of yourself

  1. Find a picture to Photoshop your head onto. If the photo that you’ve selected is off the Internet, and OF COURSE it is, save it to your desktop in a place where you can find it. For this tutorial, I’ve selected this picture:
  2. Select a picture of yourself in which your head is positioned in approximately the same way as the one on the photo that you’ve chosen, and where the face is not majorly obscured. I’ve selected this one:
  3. Now, open both pictures in Photoshop. Do this by selecting File>Open from Photoshop, and then selecting the File Name.You should have TWO files open in Photoshop; one with the body on which you’ll be placing your head, the other with your cheery mugshot.
  4. Now, for both files, select View>Actual Pixels. This will give you a sense for the disparity between the file sizes of the two images; and will let you know how much you need to decrease the size of your mugshot before pasting it onto the body of your choice. When I did this with my photos, here’s what I saw: Clearly the image of my face is much too large.
  5. If needed, decrease the size of your mugshot to more closely match the body that you’re going to be using. To do this, select Image>Image Size and enter a new number. I typically guess, and then modify as needed until it looks approximately correct. (you can always use Control + Z to undo any action you wish you hadn’t done)
  6. Select the “Polygonal Lasso tool” (see screenshot below). If you don’t have the tools panel open, go to Window>Tools to open it.
  7. Use this tool to select the outline of your face. (Note: This is easier if you zoom in or choose View>Fit on screen first.)
  8. Next, when a white jaggedy outline circles your face, select Control X in order to “cut” this region. You’ll see a white space where your face used to be. (Don’t panic)
  9. Open the other file, the one with the body that you’re using. Press Control Paste to paste your face into the file.

  10. (Nice boob, Wonder Woman!)

  11. Make sure the “Move” tool is selected.
  12. Move your head to the correct position on the body.

  13. Use the corners of the dotted-line box to enlarge or shrink your your head, until it’s the appropriate size. (Hold the Control key down while you drag it to maintain the correct proportions)
  14. If the skintone on the face does not match the skin tone on the body, use Image> Adjust> Hue/Saturation in order to make them match more closely. Move the sliders until the image looks right.
  15. Now comes the creative part, or, as I like to call it, “futzing about”. Since every picture is different, you may have to mess with your face in order to make it match even better. Before you start, always make sure that the layer you’ve selected is the one with your face in it.
  16. First I use a noise filter in order to match the speckled appearance of the Wonder Woman photograph, by selecting Filter> Noise> Add Noise.
  17. Then, I adjust the brightness and contrast to more closely match.
  18. Finally, I get rid of the pre-existing ear (which seems a bit out of place) using the “Clone Stamp Tool.”
  19. Then, I cut off the top of the hairline to follow the tiara, using the same “Polygonal Lasso tool” that we used to initially cut out the face. Once I’ve selected the region, I press Control X to cut it out.
  20. And now I have this:Which I’m overall quite pleased with.
  21. The final step is to export into an Internet-friendly format. Select File> Save for Web. Press the “Save” button in the resulting window, and choose where you want to save the file, and what you want to name it…. And you’re done!

Looks pretty easy, right?! Before you begin, there are a few ground rules that you should follow.

Ground Rules for Photoshopping your head onto other bodies:

1) Remember that the Internet is a low-resolution format. Don’t try to make it perfect. Like in horseshoes and hand grenades, close is usually good enough.

2) Don’t be afraid to experiment! Use Control Z to undo anything you don’t like.

3) Have FUN!

4) You are TECHNICALLY not supposed to steal pictures off the internet to use for your own enjoyment. Do so at your own risk.

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  1. I am so ordering photoshop!

    First thing in the morning…g’night!

  2. ONLY 19 steps? LOL. Methinks that be too complicated plus we don’t own photoshop to my knowledge. The 16yo does have software I am not familiar with. He’s my computer guru and both boys have taken graphic design. Hmmmm, ya think they could show me, but nooooooooooooooooo they are teenagers. ;)

  3. I think it is more fun to watch you futz about!

  4. Nice!! Now if I can only photoshop someone elses head onto my body. Kids woke me up at 4:30 today, and my bags under my eyes are raging!! Great post. I wish I had photoshop.

  5. You were one of contributors to that book about surviving a shark attack or getting hit with debris from a construction site, right???

  6. I’ve got to try this!

  7. Yesss! I’m so glad you did this… I’ve been waiting patiently ever since you had mentioned it before. I have a few pictures I’ve wanted to ‘shop some heads onto for a while now but my experiences are limited. Image resizing, cropping, and auto levels are pretty much the extent of my abilities, just enough to get my pics on the web! Thanks again!

  8. You so totally rock. I love photoshopping, but Steve loves it even more, that’s why he does things like this: Morphachild.

  9. Uh-oh. This is the sort of thing I could easily turn into an addiction. Of course, I’m more tempted to use Hubs’ head in my creative efforts!

  10. WOOOHOOO!!! I’m so excited to try this. I have photoshop and I’ve never, ever even considered trying it. You’ve inspired me. hahaha

  11. I LOVE your ps parties! It is funn yenought o make me want to spring for photoshop myself.

  12. Oh wow! Thanks for the workshop! Now I have to get my hands on a copy of photoshop.

  13. I don’t have the smarts good enough to follow 19 steps.

    But I’m very glad you do. I LOVE your funny pictures!

  14. I am soooo gonna do this, when I can afford to buy Photoshop. I downloaded the CS3 version for free for a quickie project, but didn’t have time to morph into Halle or anyone else I idolize. I’m gonna do it though. I really am.

  15. You rock! Your blog has it all–smarts, looks, laughs, and teaching moments. Now can you show me how to do all that with my cheap Gimp download? :) I’ll just watch from afar and go, “Aaahhhh….”

  16. Okay, now that I’ve read all the comments I’m wondering how you answered Sunshine’s question. So did you escape a shark attack? Or were you hit by debris from a construction site?

  17. One of the best techniques you left out is using the “match color” option which lets you match your foreground layer (your face) the the face of your background. It’s gold.

  18. Woohoo! I’ve been waiting for this! Now all I have to do is find some time…some pics of me that I actually like…oh ya, and a copy of PS!!!

    Well done, btw…really easy to follow!

  19. Totally excellent. I would much rather learn this from you so I can LMAO instead of flipping through my Photoshop book. Much more fun!

  20. I had always shied away from PhotoShop because I perceived it to be soooo complicated. Yesterday, though, I really needed to merge two pictures (my face on someone else’s body), and I came across these instructions. They were so easy to follow while being thorough at the same time! I’m definitely hooked to Photoshop after spending a few hours trying these techniques and coming up with some passable results ;-)

    Thanks again!

  21. Hello, was so excited to discover this but seem to have a problem wih step 11 ‘Use the corners of the dotted-line box to enlarge or shrink your your head, until it’s the appropriate size’Am using the CS version and there are no dotted lines so I can’t get the head to fit the body properly. Do you know what I am doing wrong, I am sooooo frustrated :-)

  22. This was so useful, so clear, so easy to follow. Thank you!

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    Then I am going to put my face on a donkey’s butt. Just so we round out the animal menagire.

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  25. This is cool tutorial :) I will make my brothers face to my sister :D

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  28. I love the photo play by play you give with the instructions! Wonder woman is my sisters favorite.